About Us

Welcome to Gear Genius

Hello! I'm Gabe, the driving force behind Gear Genius. My journey into the world of jewelry began not as a seller, but as a husband forever on a quest to find those perfect, sparkly symbols of love for my wife. I quickly learned that navigating the vast sea of jewelry options was more daunting than charming. And that's how Gear Genius was born – from the simple idea that finding the perfect piece of jewelry shouldn't be an epic quest, but a delightful stroll.

Losing my job in 2022 was a blessing in disguise. It gave me the nudge I needed to turn my passion for simplicity into a mission. Gear Genius started as a treasure trove of life-enhancing items, but I quickly realized that to truly make a difference, we had to narrow our focus. So, we did just that, distilling our collection down to a few standout pieces.

Running Gear Genius is a family affair – it's mostly me, with my wife as my muse and occasional support from our family. We're here to change how you shop for jewelry, making it a seamless, enjoyable experience. Our goal is to turn your quest for the perfect gift into a few simple clicks, delivering not just jewelry, but joy and a sprinkle of love.

But our story doesn't end with making shopping simpler. We're deeply committed to giving back. A portion of every sale goes to local charities in Raleigh, starting with 'A Place at the Table.' This is our way of weaving compassion into the fabric of our business, ensuring that every purchase not only celebrates love but also extends it to the wider community.

By choosing Gear Genius, you're not just discovering an exquisite piece of jewelry. You're joining a community that values the power of cherishing life's precious moments. With each purchase, you're not only creating a lasting memory for yourself or a loved one but also making a positive impact on the world around you. Together, let's celebrate the moments that matter most, one sparkle at a time.